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HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export Our Services

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HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export Our Services

HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export Our Services

HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export Our Services
HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export Our Services
HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export Our Services

As the main custodian of your shipment, we ensure that all high value goods are coordinated and then distributed to our specially trained delivery crews.
All collection and delivery of high-value goods are tracked effectively and compared with a comprehensive statement of the method and protocol used in the transfer.
We work on a time-accurate, minute-by-minute tracking model where we will monitor services to ensure a safety from the beginning of the transfer.
In the case of containers, upon request, we will link the packages to tracking units designed for counterfeiting and actively monitor the movement of your container from the start to the final delivery point.
We appreciate the value of your shipment and therefore commit to protecting it, as if it our own shipment.
When you share our exceptional and highly specialized services, you know very well that you have interacted with people who are extremely competent for their work.

Air freight is the transport of goods by aircraft from one place to another and from one state to another, and it includes all information networks and the actual transport of aircraft, equipment, stores and warehouses. Air freight is characterized by speed and the possibility of rapid response to transportation requirements to meet the required emergency transport as in large disasters as well as the transport of perishable goods and medical materials and others.

Land shipping is a type of freight customary in the world through which we transfer objects from place to place.
HGroupco road transport specializes in providing value-added services and transport services with special care and time-limited, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
The usual loads in landside freight are depending on the type and capacity of the truck. Land freight is the second most important means of transport after maritime shipping.

Maritime shipping is the most important means of transport in the world, where the international shipping is concentrated in the world and is carried by ships and vessels of different sizes as the transport is between the countries spaced by sea shipping.
HGroupco provides marine cargo services as part of its comprehensive cargo program around the world, through which it can link different countries.

Customs Clearance:

The function of the customs clearance is to clear the goods in customs department for export or import. This requires the preparation of documents, the calculation of the customs tax of the goods, and it pays half the customs tax for the goods in advance, and facilitates communication between the importer and the supplier and the tax authority.
In terms of import, export and transit of cargo through transit, our company provides customs clearance services through its specialized staff with the following:

  • Import Customs Clearance:
    HGroupco offers a number of distinguished services including the customs clearance. We specialize in clearing the incoming shipment and we have a highly trained team.
  • Export Customs clearance:
    HGroupco has been characterized by customs clearance on outgoing shipments, and we have many success partners from major exporting companies.
  • Transit Customs Clearance:
    HGroupco for customs clearance and shipping and transport services provides transit customs clearance service with long experience in clearance of transit cargo.

LLC Transportation (less than full container load):

LLC (less than a full container load) means that if your shipment is small and does not need a full container, we have a fleet of local vehicles to collect small shipments from local dump depots for final delivery. Vehicles shall be fully closed and specially manufactured for the transport of highly sensitive goods.
We are proud of our fleet which provides this service that meets the needs of customers and the facilities they need.
Our close proximity to our airports and all licensed customs warehouses gives us the advantage of quick action even at short notice.
We maintain exceptional working relationships with all coastal and inland warehouses, in addition to our extensive fleet and presence of ready-made vehicles. We ensure that we are fully prepared to deliver your cargoes (less than your full container load) and deliver them in a timely manner.
We have mastered the art of racing time.
It is the best we do.

Abnormal Transportation:

An abnormal shipment means substantially a material load that cannot be transported on a vehicle or several vehicles because of its weight or mass such as bulldozer, cars, trucks, and a train.
The safe transport of unnatural shipments depends heavily on the deployment of appropriate equipment coupled with a well-documented transport strategy. We provide a service from the beginning to the end in terms of unusual cargo transportation, which includes detailed analysis of risks and licenses from all provinces as well as police escort facilities when necessary.

Full Container Load (FCL) and Full Truck-load (FTL) Transportation:

With a fleet of vehicles owned by HGroupco, we believe we are able to provide full service (full container load) and full truckload needs to our customers.
A main part of our services is that we undertake to monitor all changes to your shipment from receipt of your instructions until final delivery. All updates are sent via e-mail and sent using an IT-based data processing system and mobile technology that often extends beyond hours Normal work. We understand the needs of our customers and understand that communication forms an integral part of the overall transaction in our quest to provide a laudable service.


The container is a large metal box with a standard dimension where cargo and raw materials are shipped and stored during shipment from site to site, whether by sea, air, trains or trucks. Several container sizes are from 20 feet to 45 feet.
Types of containers that we use:

  • Dry Containers: a general transport containers.
  • Refrigerated Containers: used to transport goods that need to be kept at a low temperature.

Our services are clear, which shows that our level of service is unmatched by competitors. We understand the critical importance of time, and perishable products, so our customers cannot afford unreliable costs.
We are committed to providing value added services to our customers.

Weather Changes :

We ship all materials and packaged it in the right way to maintain them reached to our customer in the best circumstance.