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HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export conatct us

Land, air and sea freight company

Customs clearance and transit

Import, Export, Containers and Containers

Damascus, Syria

HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export conatct usHGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export conatct us

HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export conatct us

HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export conatct us
HGroupco shipping customs clearance import and export conatct us

HGroupco is a privately held international shipping company specializing in shipping, customs clearance, import and export.
Provide customer requirements and new market trends and keep up with progress in stock piling, distribution, reorientation, import, export and transport markets.
In addition to customs clearance of imports of all kinds and completion of customs operations in all centers and Customs Department.
Our business is not limited to freight forwarding and loading your cargo in the truck, no, we are much deeper, our approach is to understand your business, your challenges and your needs before suggesting possible solutions.
We ensure that the solution is appealingly proposed and implemented in a timely manner.
Together, we will develop a solutions strategy for an integrated logistics supply chain that creates real value for your business.

  • We are flexible about our customers’ needs, because we understand that a constantly changing business environment means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  • We are successful and we continue to run our business in a way that ensures your success.
  • We aspire to long-term and mutually rewarding relationships.
  • We believe in ourselves and also believe that we have exactly what it takes to push your business to unprecedented levels.

Our team is committed, with extraordinary skills, to speed up both standard and complex packing and unloading operations, as well as storage and distribution, beside many other services.
We have highly qualified leaders, an excellent management team, and trained and courteous staff.
Our staff are highly qualified, well trained on new styles in shipping.

We truly believe that our success depends on the success of our customers.

HGroupco was founded in Syria in 1996, as a merchandise shipping company offering shipping services. Specialized in transportation systems, customs clearance, import and export.
It has started as a preferred option for land freight services in Syria and has grown to become one of the most reliable freight forwarding companies to and from many countries.
Continued to grow continuously to include global maritime, land and air transport.
Its agents have also been published all over the world including many countries.

Safety first and always.
We have a commitment towards our customers, our shareholders, our partners, and the community to work safely.
Nothing we do deserves to threaten our lives or the lives of others.

Integrity is the main approach.

We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. Truth and honesty are the key of our approach.

Respect for all.
We seek and appreciate the diversity of experience and information as the base of our company, that’s why we treat customers with honesty and respect.

Distinction in everything we do.
We strive to provide high quality services to our customers. We have passion for innovation and improvement. Hungry to achieve more success.

Commitment to sustainability and the duty to the environment.

The company is aggressively seeking a sustainable future. We are doing our part by reducing gas emissions, improving fuel efficiency and improving energy efficiency in our facilities to reduce our carbon footprint.

We provide our customers with high quality services by providing their products in a timely manner to the right place with utmost care. Our goal is not only to provide service, but to build a lasting relationship with our customers.

Service is our Priority:

We strive to deliver transport, storage and logistics solutions that are flawlessly cohesive to our customers at a highly competitive price.
Our vision confirms that we are seeking to be the most distinguished company of landside logistics services.

Although we are a local company, we serve an eclectic mix of more than 100 local and global agents in the world, and we are often the first logistics service company to seek high value services and a single brand for the markets we serve.
Clear Vision:
We want to be the landside-based logistics provider. We won’t be customers’ first choice, but their only choice.
We have chosen to be a high level organization, creating value for our customers. We treat our customers, shareholders, partners and suppliers with sincerity, integrity and respect. We firmly believe that the pursuit of all our goals is for the sake of all our customers, our employees and our planet.
We add value to the interaction of people with us, whether through excellent services or products or through the advantage of being a strong and long-term player in the industries we operate.
We are very proud of the contribution we can make in our daily work. Everything that is transported from one place to another needs the help of landside logistics.
As an experienced logistics company, we believe that we are a major contributor to our industries, which are the backbone of trade, ensuring that anything that needs delivery is able to deliver.
The shipment that it holds warranty and reliability to our customers is not necessarily a material shipment such as goods, machinery, fast consumer goods and parcels, but we also care about shipments with high moral and value items such as health and medical supplies, lifesaving medicines, major corporate contracts or even a friend’s birthday gift and any shipment that will touch the sensitive aspects of the human nature of our customers.

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