HGroupco is a privately held international shipping company specializing in shipping, customs clearance, import and export.
Provide customer requirements and new market trends and keep up with progress in stock piling, distribution, reorientation, import, export and transport markets.
In addition to customs clearance of imports of all kinds and completion of customs operations in all centers and Customs Department.
Our business is not limited to freight forwarding and loading your cargo in the truck, no, we are much deeper, our approach is to understand your business, your challenges and your needs before suggesting possible solutions.
We ensure that the solution is appealingly proposed and implemented in a timely manner.
Our team is committed, with extraordinary skills, to speed up both standard and complex packing and unloading operations, as well as storage and distribution, beside many other services.
We have highly qualified leaders, an excellent management team, and trained and courteous staff.
Our staff are highly qualified, well trained on new styles in shipping.

We truly believe that our success depends on the success of our customers.

Our History :

HGroupco was founded in Syria in 1996, as a merchandise shipping company offering shipping services. Specialized in transportation systems, customs clearance, import and export.


We are here to provide complete logistics solutions and contribute in the success of our supply chain. We build long term relationships with our customers by providing high quality services at a competitive price.


We provide our customers with high quality services by providing their products in a timely manner to the right place with utmost care. Our goal is not only to provide service, but to build a lasting relationship with our customers.


As the main custodian of your shipment, we ensure that all high value goods are coordinated and then distributed to our specially trained delivery crews.
All collection and delivery of high-value goods are tracked effectively and compared with a comprehensive statement of the method and protocol used in the transfer.
We work on a time-accurate, minute-by-minute tracking model where we will monitor services to ensure a safety from the beginning of the transfer.

In the case of containers, upon request, we will link the packages to tracking units designed for counterfeiting and actively monitor the movement of your container from the start to the final delivery point.